Best Bike Brands 2020 – Which are the Best Bike Brands for you?

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Best Bike Brands 2020 – Which are the Best Road Bike Brands for you?

Road bikes are the best bikes for riding longer distances as well as training and fitness. This is because they are light and efficient bikes which allow you to go faster and further with less energy. People are asking all the time about which road bike brands are the best, wondering which one they should buy.

This is not an easy question to answer as everyone has their own opinion. So here at Best Road Bike Brands, we are going to look at a number of the different brands so you can make up your own mind depending on the features that are important to you.

Road bikes are used a lot for competitions like the Tour de France as well as triathlons. At the same time, a lot of people use them as a way of getting exercise or just for cruising around. In fact, it’s a great workout bike.

That is the reason people like them to be lightweight and efficient at transferring your energy to speeding down the road. This is also the reason why road bikes have drop bars as they allow you to get into a better aerodynamic position for going faster. These handlebars also offer the rider multiple hand positions for their hands so you can change your position while riding, which is very important on long rides.

The difficulty in determining which road bike brand is best for you is caused by each person having specific and personal needs. To further add to the difficulty in answering this question you will find that each brand has several different types of road bikes.

You will find that the top brands are typically only available at your local bike shops rather than department stores or chain outlets. That means you might have to shop around in order to be able to find the make and model you’re looking for. Some brands aren’t even being sold on the internet (unless they’re used) because the manufacturer prefers to sell their bikes through authorized dealers in local stores though this is becoming less and less.

They feel this is the type of quality control that brings satisfied customers as it means you get your bike fitted perfectly to you.  One of the quickest ways to dislike a bike is to have it not fit you right. It also provides for some extra confidence knowing the bike has been put together and tested by a professional.

You need to know that in whichever brand you look the quality is truthfully related to price. On all the top brands know that if you buy a $1,000 bike, you’re getting $1,000 worth of quality and that is most often the base price on them. Some of the top brands are Specialized, Cannondale, Giant, Felt, Trek and there are more.

Some people would say one brand is not any better than another. And to some degree that is true. But you will find some brands to meet your needs better than another because they build their bikes differently.

All in all, in my opinion, the best road bike brands are mentioned above. On the other hand, which one is best for you is your personal preference and will be something, you have to discover.


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