Best Mountain Bike Grip Review in 2020 for you

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Best Mountain Bike Grip Review in 2020 for you

Given the high demands such a sport entails, it is important that you have the right tools for mountain biking. Aside from getting superior performance, the right equipment will also help improve other aspects such as safety. One of the most often overlooked safety equipment found in mountain bikes is grips. Helping you to keep your hands on the handles, they can provide superior ergonomics for optimal safety, comfort, and performance. If you want to get all of these benefits, it is important that you take shopping for mountain bike grips seriously. Here are 2 popular options that you should at least consider when you are shopping.

1. ODI Rogue Bike Grips Bonus Pack

The ODI Rogue is one of the more popular high-performance grips in the market today. Basically everything you need from a pair of grips is right here. The grip is made of rubber that provides the ideal properties a biker needs when he’s doing some serious biking. The grips do not slip and provide some shock absorption, which provides superior comfort for anyone who uses them. It is also remarkably easy to install. All you have to do is to slide the grip in, tighten the tensioners, and that’s it! Once secured, the grips are ready for serious action. Each order comes with a pair of grips, a pair of end clamps, a pair of end caps, and a hex wrench.

Buying this product will provide a ton of advantages for the buyer. The simple installation process will be very refreshing, especially for those who experienced some challenging times when installing their previous grips. Also, the lock-on system in these grips works very well. Once in place, it just stays there, providing a secure grip even when performing extreme maneuvers. Last but not the least, they provide superior comfort by providing the ideal handgrip and having just the right firmness. Not much talk about its faults is present, so one can say that the performance of this product has been highly satisfactory.

    The ODI Rogue Bike Grips Bonus Pack is a product that can benefit bikers of different levels of experience. Whether you are a rookie who’s looking for a decent pair or an expert who’s scouring for a pair that can keep up with their skills, you’re sure to be satisfied with this product. The price may be a little high for some, but this is one product that’s very well worth the price.


2. ODI Troy Lee Design Grip with Lock-On Clamps

ODI has come up with a unique set of mountain bike grips that is both stylistic and functional. Designed specifically for the world’s fastest racers, this collaboration between ODI and Troy Lee Designs claims that this set is the most innovative one they’ve created so far. It possesses grooved channels that prevent the buildup of both mud and water. It also has an over-molded flap that provides extra protection on the outside part of the grip. It also has uniquely designed pads that combine grip with comfort in one excellent package. Aside from the pair, it also has all the extras you’ll need, such as the clamps and other mounting gear.

The reviews for this product, in general, have been robust. The overall consensus is that this product provides performance that fits its high-performance designation. The unique design used for this grip works dividends, as slippages and discomfort are kept to a minimum — even during demanding rides. Installation is also smooth, as they are easy to fit in almost any kind of handlebar. For easy and secure fitting, take time to learn how to use the split locks. It will save you a lot of time. There’s only a single complaint regarding this product, though: Some riders say that using this pair hurts if you don’t have gloves due to the hardness of the rubber.

When it comes to mountain bike grips, you will be hard-pressed to find something like the ODI Troy Lee Design Grips. Specially designed for the serious mountain biker, this product will give you premium performance befitting of its high price tag. They look great, they feel great, and they perform well. As a rider, what more can you ask for?


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