Best Mountain Bikes Under $500 Reviews

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Best Mountain Bikes Under $500 Reviews in 2020

Mountain bikes are meant to make our life simple and enjoyable. You can ride just for fun or use a bike for serious business like commuting. As a student, you will be at ease when your bike is locked outside the lecture hall. Sports activities and mountain climbing can really be thrilling if you have a mountain bike. You can do much more with a bike. But some mountain bikes are very expensive. Fortunately, we have the best mountain bikes under $500! These bikes will give you a chance to enjoy yourself with your friends.

Not every best mountain bike under 500 is perfect for you. With many manufacturers, you may end up making the wrong choice. We know the hassle of searching for a good mountain bike, and that’s why we have reviewed the top four mountain bikes that will cost you less than 500. Read the review below to determine which bike suits you.

4 Best Mountain Bikes Under $500

1. Mongoose Girl’s Maxim, Full-Suspension Bicycle with 24-Inch Wheels

Girls usually love bright colors! The manufacturers of Mongoose Girl’s Maxim had that idea in mind when designing this mountain bike. It is very pretty for girls and most ladies love it at first sight. The color and geometry are fully feminine. But if your daughter stops riding, you boys can still have a taste of this elegant mountain bike!

The frame is built with a strong and smooth aluminum to last long and please the girls. The aluminum suspension frame ensures maximum comfort and performance. As the wheels roll over different terrains, you will be cozy.

Don’t worry about the bumps! Mongoose Girl’s Maxim features a suspension fork that smoothes the bumps making sure you don’t take any road impact. This suspension fork also increases control as you ride.

The 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur features SRAM twist shifter to allow easy gear changing. Whether you are on a straight smooth road or negotiating corners in a hilly trail, you can easily shift the gears and ride even faster.

The 3-piece mountain crank provides a wide gear ranges. You will not lack the right gear for the road. You will be able to change gears according to the tough or steepness of the road without exhausting the available gears.

In case of emergency or regular stops, you require dedicated brakes. Mongoose Girl’s Maxim has linear alloy breaks that can easily be engaged with a simple pull. Thus, offering a quick stop. Accelerate your bike to the desired speed knowing that unwavering brakes will always give your solid stops!

This mountain bike has 24-inch wheels and therefore, it is ideal for 56 to 62 inches tall girls.

Key Specifications

  • Aluminum suspension frame
  • Suspension fork
  • 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur
  • 3-piece mountain crank
  • Alloy linear-pull brake
  • 24-inch wheels

Mongoose Girl’s Maxim is among the best mountain bikes under 500. It is considerably light and easy to assemble. However, you will take some time to adjust the brakes. The seat may also not be comfortable at first. Once you fix the brakes, they will offer powerful stopping.

2. Kent Super 20-Boys Bike with 20-Inch Wheels, Red/Black/White

Boys love challenging activities while growing up! A good parent will provide the right tools and skills for their kids! Kent Super 20 is one of those perfect tools for your growing boy. This mountain bike will keep your son engaged during free times and it will also instill riding skills. It is an amazing bike for all beginners!

Kent Super 20 is designed for boys between 7 and 9 years old. Your son can ride this bike for a long time in his childhood, nearly three years. The shape and size cater to the needs of your growing child. It has dimensions of 50 inches in length and 24 inches Width.

The frame is made from steel and this makes the bike more durable. The steel frame is also free from rust and scratches. It makes the bike sturdy and firm to accommodate the weight of your boy and move smoothly through an array of terrains. The fully dual suspension steel frame offers a smooth ride. Down-hill front suspension fork will ensure easy control even when he is speeding. He will have superior control of the bike in all conditions. Kent Super 20 is fitted with 20-inch wheels, perfect for young boy’s heights.

An alloy quick release seat allows for fast replacement and adjustments. Your baby boy can ride in different positions to make the experience enjoyable! The 7-speed gearing system with simple twist-grip shifting is perfect for speeding and control.

Key Specifications

  • 7-Speed gearing with easier Twist Grip Shifting
  • 20-inch Wheels
  • Fully suspension steel frame
  • Alloy Quick Release Seat

Although Kent Super 20 is the best mountain bike under 500 made from steel, it is relatively light with a weight of 36 lbs. This bike has been designed to ensure comfort, safety, and durability.

3. Diamondback Tess 20 Complete Bike

Pink is an eye-catching color and perfect for your daughter! When you young girl is ready to hit the trails, surprise her with Diamondback Tess 20. Get a mountain bike that will make her fall in with the sport. This mountain bike is built to accept a beating and keep bouncing. Your daughter will appreciate the comfort and safety of Diamondback Tess 20.

The Tess is constructed with a hi-tensile steel frame, and thus, the bike is tough and ideal for the neighborhood and even the trails. Your daughter can tumble all day without harming the bike! The steel frame also makes the bike more durable.

With a 30mm travel suspension fork, you are sure to maintain control while the bike takes the shocks out of impacts. As she jumps over obstacles, this suspension fork will ensure a safe and smooth landing. Diamondback Tess 20 features an excellent blend of Shimano drivetrain components to ensure high reliability and minimize the cost of maintenance.

The 6-speed gear shift system will be keeping your daughter moving fast without being complicated. The straightforward gear changing mechanism will keep your girl happy while she cruises through rough trails. The stout 36-spoke hole wheelset swaddle in all-terrain tires will stay strong no matter the abuse!

Let your young girl ride over muddy, rough and even slippery terrains. For effective slowing and stopping, this mountain bike exceptionally features linear rear and front brakes. With these brakes, your daughter has exceptional braking control. This mountain bike is sized for young girls between heights of 4” and 4.7” (between 122cm-140 cm).

Key Specifications

  • Suspension Steel Frame
  • 30mm-travel suspension Fork
  • 36-Spoke 20″ Aluminum Wheels
  • 6-Speed Freewheel
  • Linear Pull rear and front Brakes

Diamondback Tess 20 is among the best mountain bikes under 500 that provide maximum comfort and safety to your girl. When shipped it comes almost assembled, therefore, you will have very little to do. Before your little girl gets used to the shifters, she may face difficulties changing gears.

4. Mongoose Impasse Dual, Full-Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch)

At times, you want a heavy and powerful performing mountain bike. A bike that will give you the challenge to excise and cruise through muddy and tough terrains. Not every mountain bike will be perfect to accomplish the above desires! But Mongoose Impasse is a strong standing bike that will meet your needs! This bike has been built for hard and cruel riding!

The bike has a solid foundation of a full suspension aluminum frame. This frame ensures maximum comfort while maintaining superior performance. As you cycle over huge and small obstacles, you will not bear any ground impacts. The frame is very sturdy and hence more durable.

Excellent control of a mountain bike is always sweet when riding! Mongoose Impasse features a suspension fork that offers supreme control. This fork also smoothes the bumps proving an ease landing even when you jump over obstacles. There are smooth handlers for a clear and focused ride.

Speed is the ultimate goal in sports. You also need to speed in case of an emergency or just for fun! The 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur is perfect for all your speed desires. You will not lack the right gear for your terrains. Featuring SRAM twist shifters, you can be sure to easily and simply shift gears while on the move.

The 29-inch alloy wheels will greatly enhance your riding experience. These wheels feature all terrain tires. As the tires bear all the ground friction, you will be smiling. The front wheel is quick release to enable fast and simple removal for fixing or replacement.

Finally, the alloy rear and front disc brakes will give you ultimate speed control. You can simply engage the brakes for a smooth and powerful stopping

Key Specifications

  • Aluminum suspension frame
  • Element Suspension fork
  • 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur
  • SRAM twist shifters
  • Alloy wheels
  • Alloy rear and front disc brakes
  • 29-inch Wheels

The Mongoose Impasse is the best mountain bike under 500 that is a great value for its prices. It comes with a detailed and straightforward assembly manual to make you ready for the trails. However, you have to work on the brakes before hitting the trails.

When you are purchasing a mountain bike under 500, you should be very careful to get the value of your cash. Don’t rush! Check our review of the best mountain bikes under 500 and let the review influence your decision.

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