Best Single Speed Bike Reviews 2020 – Takara Kabuto

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The Best Single Speed Bike: Takara Kabuto

Riding cross urban streets require simplicity. Takara kabuto is the best single speed bike that is designed for simple riding across city streets. This may be a single speed mountain bike, but it has been professionally crafted to accept all kinds of abuse. It is sturdy, and elegance designed for various purposes like commuting and leisure riding. This mountain bike has high-tech components to ensure a great experience for the riders.

Here is a comprehensive review of the Takara Kabuto mountain bike. Proceed to get all the facts of this super mountain bike.

Best Single Speed Bike Reviews 2020
Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Features of Takara Kabuto

Sturdy Frame

A strong frame assures durability and low chances of breaking. The Takara Kabuto mountain bike is built with steel material. With this steel frame, this mountain bike will not break even with the harshest use. If you want to have an adventure, you can conquer the mountains, hills, and woods without any fear of crashing your bike.

Although steel is associated with heavyweight, the Takara Kabuto Mountain bike is relatively light; it has a weight of only 29.5 pounds. Thus, you will have easy movements and maneuverability across streets.

Flip-Flop Rear Hub

You can ride the Takara Kabuto Mountain bike as a standard freewheel or as a fixed gear. This flip-flop is easily changeable, and you will not have problems shifting between them. The standard freewheel is ideal for those who want to exercise while riding. You will also not use a lot of energy while riding in the freewheel mode. In some instances when the fixed-gear fails, you will also enjoy the freewheel mode.

Alloy side-pull brakes

Powerful brakes usually guarantee safety when riding. This best single speed bike features side pulls brakes to ensure superior stopping. Whether you are speeding or just riding leisurely, this bakes will give you ultimate control of the mountain bike. You will be able to stop in all conditions.


All-terrain tires

You don’t want a mountain bike with tires that will burst in rough roads. The Takara Kabuto comes with Kenda Yellow tires that will offer you a smooth riding even in the toughest trails. The tires will bear all the ground friction and offer you a smooth ride. They are also designed to be long-lasting; thus, you won’t be required to replace them now and then!

The tires enclose highly elastic tubes that can’t burst even in harsh weather conditions. The tubes have corks for air control.

Alloy Pedals with toe clips

Cycling has never been this simple! The Takara Kabuto comes with alloy pedals that feature toe clips. Your foot will tightly grip the pedals offering you a great cycling experience. Your legs won’t slip as you cycle.

Energy Efficient Drivetrain

Most of your leg’s force is directly channeled to the pedals for a forward thrust. Therefore, all the energy produced will be used for movement. You will also not use a lot of force due to the energy-efficient drivetrain.

Beautiful design

Apart from all the other features, a mountain bike should be eye-catching! The Takara Kabuto has a beautiful blend of colors to attract the riders. You will fall in love with the bending padded handlebars. The cockpit design provides a comfortable riding position. Every component of this mountain bike is well crafted and fixed to bring out an excellent finish!

Key Features

  • Steel fork and frame
  • Alloy rims featuring alloy hub
  • Rear flip-flop hub
  • Alloy side pull brakes
  • Yellow Kenda 700 x 32 tires
  • Tig-welded steel frame featuring horizontal drop out
  • Tig Welded 1 inch fork, ThreadedSteel Trail, 42.5cm wide HandlebarsAlloy Quill 1-inch stem (90 deg x 100mm)
  • Steel three-piece,170mm Crank, 44 tooth steel chainring
  • Bottom Bracket, Loose cone, and ball, English thread
  • Alloy cage pedals with toe clips
  • Alloy single wall 32 hole Rims featuring stainless steel spoke
  • Joytech alloy 16-tooth rear hub, fixed gear and freewheel gear, bolt-on
  • Joytech Alloy Hub Front, high flange, bolt-on
  • Kenda Yellow (700 x 32) Tires, Alloy Seat Collar, Steel 25.4 Seatpost, Steel KickstandCork Bar TapeWeight: 29.5 pounds

The Takara Kabuto is a best single speed bike built to make your movements simple across streets, and even take you to a full adventure in the woods and the mountains. It is a lightweight mountain bike, simple to assemble and comfortable to use. If you are looking to enjoy a new great experience, then Takara kabuto mountain bike is your perfect choice.

However, you should tighten the pedals tightly to avoid accidents since the clips should not be left loose.

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