Best Single Speed Commuter Bike Reviews 2020 – Pure Fix Cycles

Best Single Speed Commuter Bike
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Best Single Speed Commuter Bike Reviews 2020 – Pure Fix Cycles

Boarding commuter buses may be very inconveniencing. Taking a taxi to the job may not be ideal due to the charges! But using a single speed commuter bike may be a good option. Think about it! A single speed bike doesn’t require regular maintenance. It is also simple, lightweight and has superior maneuverability. Those are only some examples of many benefits that you can enjoy by using a single speed bike. Other mountain bikes with many components are not ideal for riding along urban streets.

Best Single Speed Commuter Bike
Best Single Speed Commuter Bike – Pure Fix Cycles Single Speed Fixie Bike

What is the meaning of Fixie?

A fixie is a short form of fixed gear. The cog (this is the gear fixed on the back wheel where the chain revolves) lacks a ball-bearing mechanism thus allowing the wheel to revolve separately. The system is designed in that the cog is directly linked to the pedal’s motion. This means you can ride backward and forward. It’s fun!

Simplicity and Maneuverability

Pure Fix bike is a popular single speed commuter bike due to its simplicity. A bike with just a few components means it is light. Bikes with fixed gears are notably lighter than nine-speed all-terrain mountain bikes. Riding Pure Fixe bike offers you amazing, improved maneuverability. It’s enjoyable to ride a fixed bike because you will not tire. The lightweight and maneuverability allow dramatic movements across urban streets.

Easy to Use and Efficient

Apart from the lightweight and increased maneuverability, Pure Fix is efficient to use. The drive train system is mechanically efficient as compared to other bikes. Most of the rider’s energy is channeled to the wheels. Furthermore, this bike requires less energy. Thus, it’s efficient for commuters.

Pure Fix Bikes features flip-flop hub. It has a fixed and freewheel cog. Therefore, you can easily shift from a fixed-gear to a single speed.

Designed for all sizes

The size of a single speed bike is very vital. You have to choose the right size, or else you will have hard times when riding. Pure Fix bike has all sizes. Whether you are 6’4” tall or 4’7” there is a size for you! The smaller frame sizes like 47 cm and 50 cm are designed for children while large sizes like 58 cm and 61 cm frames are built for grownups. If you are not a fun of riding, you can consider ordering the bike for your boy!


The frame and fork are built with high tensile steel. The steel makes the bike strong and durable. It is not a bike that will easily break. This bike also features Kenda Kwest (28x700C) tires/tubes and thus, it requires minimal maintenance.

Efficient Handlebars 

The handlebars form your riding cockpit! The control of your bike is highly determined by the effectiveness of the handlebars. The Pure Fix has zoom risers handlebars that are made from alloy and steel. They are smooth, and they give you full control of the bike.

Powerful braking

The bike has alloy front brakes that give a smooth and powerful stopping. The brakes can be easily engaged with just a single finger.

Vader Performance Saddle

The saddle is a very important part because it bears most of your weight. The Pure Fix bike has a Vader performance saddle to ensure you ride comfortably. You can shift between riding positions smoothly.

Key Specifications

  • Frame: High Tensile Steel, Urban (Tig-welded)
  • Fork: High Tensile Steel, Straight (Tig-welded)
  • Headset: Steel and Alloy, Neco Threadless Set
  • Handlebars: Steel and Alloy, Zoom Risers
  • Stem: Promax Alloy
  • Grips: Oury Grips
  • Saddle: Vader Saddle
  • Brakes: Alloy Front Brake, Easily removable
  • Crankset: Lasco three-piece Sealed Bearing
  • Pedal: Pure Fixie Platform Pedals
  • Hubs: KT Quando, Pure Fix Lasered
  • Chain: KMC Chain
  • Valves: Presta 60mm
  • Tires/Tubes: Kenda Kwest (28x700C)
  • Gear Ration: 44.16.00
  • Gear Inches: 74.25

The Pure Fix is a great single speed commuter bike. It requires simple maintenance even with daily use. Since the leg’s power is efficiently directed to the wheels, you will be able to ride fast. The drive train is mechanically simple than in other bikes and therefore, less energy is required.

Commuting has never been this simple! With Pure Fix bike, you can maneuver fast through streets and get to your destination without much hassle. You will also enjoy the new innovative design of this bike. It is shipped with the freewheel cog engaged; you can start riding instantly!

However, Pure Fix lacks granny gears but that will not limit your riding experience!

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