Best Single Speed Mountain Bike Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

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Single Speed Mountain Bike

With the entire innovative technology available, “single speed mountain bike” has gradually grown its popularity. So, why would you bother taking to the trails having a single gear and usually no suspension, if you only have a better choice with this advanced mountain bike? This is the same question I asked myself when I found out that I only have the best choice with mountain bikes.

This is probably something that a lot of people are unaware of because they’ve been stuck off the idea that using the same equipment with single gear is their only option. The advantages of single speed bikes generally surround around the one gear ration that such forms of bikes have. These bikes usually have an essential edge over the multispeed bikes.

Are you thinking about choosing among the various options for purchasing a bike? If you run out already of the choices for effective bikes, worry no more because this issue should easily be answered with the availability of the single speed mountain bike.

However, if you wish to know what your choices are, you can choose either from a multispeed bike or the single speed bike. You will probably ask what is this single speed bike is, just like how I ask when I am not yet familiar with what this bike is.

However, after I’ve to know further about this bike, along with its advantages, it is made easy to decide which one of the two available choices should I consider. Therefore, let me tell you what this type of bike really is. The following should give you a better idea.

This single speed bike is the form of a bicycle that holds a single ratio on gear. What is the gear ratio? It is the connection flanked by the number of teeth found on 2 gears, which are meshed one other. Or, in other words, it is 2 sprockets that are connected with only one roller chain.

I Always Take A Ride With My Single Speed Mountain Bike

Usually, there are two forms of gears found in bikes. These two forms include hub gear and derailleur gears. However, these single speed bicycles are not provided with such gears. Furthermore, there are different kinds of these bicycles, such as trek bicycles or mountain bikes, hybrid bicycles, single speed road bicycles, and a lot more.

The sections of a single speed bike are fixed in the way that it enables coasting through the freewheel system. These bicycles, along with their fixed, subset wheel bikes, have been extremely well known within this recent time. On the other hand, the thing that makes this form of bicycle as a vaunted and hot commodity is its advantages.

If you are planning to purchase a new bicycle, looking at the advantages offered by such fixed-gear mountain bike should be an ideal decision:

Cost. This bicycle is not only lightweight, yet it is also light for your pocket. Significantly, these single speed mountain bikes are more favorably priced as compared to their geared competitors. Whether it is assembling or purchasing a new one, these forms of bikes will certainly save you some cash. Furthermore, you won’t compromise on the bike’s efficiency and strength.

Maintenance. Less accessory requirements mean less maintenance, which is a significant relief to most bike owners. Probably, there is nobody who won’t reject low fees for maintenance. In addition to this, the tires of the bike are also sturdy from which replacing parts and gear is never a big hassle. This is again made possible because of the derailleurs, as well as, other gears.

Weight. This is indeed a favorable idea to those people pondering on which type of bike to purchase. One of the very compelling advantages found from choosing these fixed gear bikes is their lightweight, which is not the case with a geared bike.

The lightweight of these bikes is made possible with the nonexistence of hub gears and derailleur’s, which are usually found in multispeed bikes. Some other sections could be made tougher, without having to make the bike very heavy.

Sentimental Value. Even though this is not acknowledged by many riders riding a single speed mountain bike, this is definitely true. The knowledge and the idea that their bicycle is different from those mundane geared bicycles is the thing that they appreciate.

Furthermore, with this form of a bike, they can ride on similar difficult terrain and roads even without having those sophisticated gears. In addition, it is an exceptional workout technique that tones and develops your muscles in the leg area within a lesser amount of time. This is the perfect speed racer bicycle that you can ever have, so choose the best choice by choosing this form of single speed bike.

Driving Train Efficiency. The driving train efficiency of this bike is much more favorable as compared to some other geared bicycles. There is an absence of derailleur in a single speed bicycle. This lessens the drag within the chain mechanism usually associated with the jockey pulleys of the derailleur. The cog and chaining of such bikes lag behind the pins and ramps, which complements the advantages of the single speed bicycles.

The main reason why most bikers are going for these forms of bikes during winter is primarily that their drive chain can stand gritty and wet muddy conditions, unlike the typically geared bikes.


If typically geared bikes need to run through such conditions, their expensive components will probably wear out. This will then lead to costly activity on maintenance for your bike. If a velocity bicycle is a thing that you are looking for, weight the advantages and disadvantages given by these bicycle types should be considered.

Indeed, there are a few disadvantages found from a single speed mountain bike, yet these advantages are minor if you will compare them with its advantages. You may also find an available 7-speed bicycle with this type of bicycle, so you may want to go for it.

With the great advantages found from using a single speed mountain bike, you will certainly find it interesting to purchase and use one as well just the way I appreciate its utilization.